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    2015 – today
    PhD in Environmental Systems Sciences
    Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, University of Graz / Austria

    2010 – 2011
    Master of Arts in Sociology and Social Policy
    University of Sydney / Australia
    Thesis: “Confronting Sustainability Measurement: A Critical Examination of The Environmental Sustainability Index”
    Graduation: with distinction

    1999 – 2003
    Master of Science in Informationmanagement
    University of Applied Sciences Joanneum, Graz / Austria
    Thesis in the Field of Corporate Communication
    Graduation: with distinction

    Related Studies and Courses

    Courses in:
    1. Political Science
    2. Social and Cultural Anthropology
    3. Journalism and Communication Science
    University of Vienna, Vienna / Austria

    1. Democratization in an Interdependent World
    2. Globalization and National Backlash
    IBEI – Barcelona Institute of International Studies
    Summer School, Barcelona / Spain

    Sustainability Perspectives
    Seminar with Dr. Arthur Dahl (UNEP)
    University of Vienna, Vienna / Austria

    Work Experience

    Academic Work Experience

    2014 – today
    Junior Researcher
    Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, University of Sydney / Austria
    My research is situated at the intersection of the fields of sociology, psychology and behavioural sciences. In my work I am examining the human dimensions of climate change with a focus on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. I have considerable experience in conducting both quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews with members of the general public and policy makers.

    2012 – 2013
    Research Assistant
    University of Sydney / Australia
    Conducting and assisting in research projects in international comparative sociology. Cross-national analyses related to income inequality, social structures, effects of neo-liberal individualisation on collective wage-bargaining institutions, proposing a “residual approach” to globalisation measurement.

    2010 – 2011
    Casual Research Assistant
    University of Sydney / Australia
    Working as a research assistant and responsible for assisting the senior researchers and teachers in their research; responsible for collecting, interpreting, analysing and compiling data; preparing records, reports and conference presentations.

    2010 – 2011
    Guest Lecturer and Tutor
    University of Sydney / Australia
    Giving Lectures and tutorials in basic quantitative methods; setting up and conducting in-class experiments.

    since 2009
    Offering support and advice for students working on empirical problems and basic data-analysis in SPSS.

    Professional Work Experience

    2003 – 2009
    Extensive experience in conceptualising and implementing social network projects; creating and developing media communications, corporate identity.

    List of References: Evolaris Research & Development GmbH, AVL List GmbH, Österreichische Post AG, Designstiftung, AMS Arbeitsmarktservice, E1 Solutions GmbH, TIP GROUP, XiTrust, Bravestone, Scoop, Syncon, Your Target, Afro Asiatisches Institut Graz, Insula, Neurovation, Wibbs, SAB, Hart-Haring, Logo, Check it, Plinius u.v.m.


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